Squidblacklist.org added to list of Adblock plus feeds.

As a commercial provider of blacklists, obviously, it is imperative that we maintain a sustainable business model under the modest margins available within the niche that we operate, and it only is with the support of our subscribers and contributors that we are able to continue to do this work, and we thank you for your support. However, it is also important to occasionally give back to the community.

And so, we are happy to announce that after a few months of offering our ads blacklist to the public for free, that we have decided to port our list to the AdblockPlus format, and after weeks of beta testing and a thorough review process, we have been approved, and added to the official list of AdblockPlus feeds which can be reviewed here..

Our AdblockPlus blacklist can be downloaded right here.

Our ads blacklist is derived from multiple sources, from several upstream providers. And from our own log parsing system deployed on live networks, which discovers and gathers domain data daily, and finds new ad servers and trackers on live production networks, this allows us to discover ads that were previously undiscovered, adding to the greater good of the community.

A special thank you to Arthur Kawa from the AdblockPlus team for coordinating, consultation and beta testing.

Donations can be made to the AdblockPlus project at the following url. https://adblockplus.org/en/donate

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  1. Blocking ads doesn t support sites like us that create free content, so it s always a good idea to whitelist the sites in Adblock Plus you really enjoy.

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