New Blacklist Released – Blogspot-x: Adult Domains

Recently we discovered that all blogspot domains will resolve through at least 64 blogspot assigned tlds, and discovery of these continues. In response to this development it became clear that we had to choose between simply appending 64 tld’s to approximately 20,000 blogspot domains which would have resulted in an absurd number of entries, and causing our blacklist line counts to swell by 1.3 million.

This could have potentially had catastrophic consequences for our subscribers. We decided that it made more sense to simply use a wildcard for each entry to keep the line count to a minumum while effectively creating a practical solution. And so we simply published a separate standalone blacklist format for each one of our supported platforms, using their respective regular expression syntax. We did however, leave the originating 20k domains in our existing porn blacklist with the prefix.

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