Shallalist & Urlblacklist EXPOSED – poorly maintained data.

Blacklists Compared

I wouldnt be kicking sand in these guys faces of they had responded to my initial attempts to contact them many years ago, disregarding my emails as if my input wasnt important really got under my skin. A blatant disregard for the community as a whole has earned these clowns a special place on my s#$% list.

The importance of well maintained blacklist data has serious implications for Squidguard and Dansguardian based web filtering solutions, as most of the only materials related to these platforms tend refer users, and link to, resources which rely heavily on blacklists which typically come from one of these two providers which we will discuss in this brief article. These affected web filtering platforms are deployed at various locations worldwide, from medical facilities, libraries, educational facilities, military establishments, banks, hotels, the deployment is widespread. If your web filtering strategies depend on blacklists, then you should pay particular attention to the results of this simple analysis.

Here we have analyzed the porn blacklists produced by both of these entities, and we have as a result, determined the exact number of dead domains actually exceeds the number of live domains in both blacklists. Dead domains defined as, expired, parked, redirected, or otherwise dead websites. And therefore, we have concluded that the maintainers of these lists are either incompetent or simply dont care.

We invite you to download the data sets of dead domains that we used to generate the chart above, and compare them to the porn blacklists from and But hurry, Im sure they will remove the dead domains when they see this. See for yourself that we are not bluffing. and

Since 2012, we have had some challenges, and we have come a long way. To meet these challenges, we have developed a unique domain name management and blacklist production system that allows us to produce and manage our blacklists in a way that allows us to bring you a higher level of quality unseen before. You need the resources and tools you can rely on. And if you are using Dansguardian or Squidguard, then you need consider the very real opportunity to breath new life in your existing web filtering platforms and applications by switching your blacklist provider to Additionally we hope to empower new development of partnerships and solutions through our innovations. We intend to keep evolving our technology to continue pushing forward, to pave a future in which poorly maintained blacklists are a thing of the past.

Footnote: We would have much rather have co-operated with the operators of shalla and urlblacklist in a productive manner, but they opted to ignore our emails.

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