Chanology Blacklist For Content Filtering

Chanology  Blacklist

Due to demand for such a blacklist, we have published a plain text blacklist containing domain names of ‘anonymous’ or ‘chanology ‘  image board websites. A need for this blacklist has arisen due to the offensive nature of some of the content that is allowed to be uploaded, anonymously, by the administrators of a large number of these websites, often times the content being hosted by these websites  includes:  Illegal  and pornographic content uploaded by criminals or trolls and/or other offensive material not suitable for viewing by minors.  These websites are also known to be used as  platforms for public harassment or bullying of targeted individuals.


Note: This list is fully compatible and will work fine in combination with our other lists for use in most web filtering, and content control deployments, applications, and hardware/software firewall platforms.

FEATURES: This is a List of over 500 anonymous image hosting boards, commonly referred to as ‘Chanology’ or Chan sites.  ( Not over 9,000 yet, but we are working on it. )


This list and others are currently available from A valid username and password is required to download.



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    The original author of this article runs Squid and DansGuardian content filters at several schools in the UK, successfully blocking inappropriate content for us and we are extremely satisfied.

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