Updating pfSense and Squidguard Blacklists with Squidblacklist.org


For a while we have been informing the public that yes, our lists are compatible with pfSense, DansGuardian, SquidGuard, HAProxy and just about a jillion other web filtering platforms you could possiblely think of. Its as easy as subscribing, and downloading it using the following link to our shalla/urlblacklist compatible format archive found here http://www.squidblacklist.org/downloads/squidblacklists/squidblacklist.tar.gz

Be advised that authentication isnt supported in the graphical interface within pfSense yet, so you may need to download this file to a relay server on your local network, once you have done this, you can easily update by simply pasting a link to the archive on your lan, optionally, if you are comfortable working in the command shell on pfsense, there are various methods used by our subscribers to use our blacklists with various filtering packages within pfSense, update scripts and materials can be found in our members area.

Be advised that support for our blacklist authentication mechanisms are fully supported by the popular pfBlocker package.

You will be required to authenticate with a valid username and password to download our works, which is no big deal really, most of these platforms are using wget or fetch to pull the blacklists, and both of these programs support basic authentication. Figuring it out should be trivial for the average user who knows how to google. Again we have materials in the members area of the website that should be helpful.

We have also hosted a backup copy of Paul Gormon’s update script.

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