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Normally I would believe free is great, free as in, gratis. However, when it comes to the blacklists freely available online, specifically, blacklists tailored for consumption as an important and sometimes critical web filtering component used in various content filter hardware platforms and software applications. The free solutions just dont cut it. And If you as an administrator can find as many holes within just a few simple Google searches using the free blacklists, just imagine how easy it will be for a determined end user on your network to find and access unauthorized content.

One can easily load up their content control platform of choice with any of the freely available blacklists and with just a few simple Google searches, one can easily find many websites not included in those free blacklists. Many websites will easily load, exposing the fact that many of these blacklists are poorly maintained, and result in an unreliably poor degree of quality.

Not only are these blacklists highly inadequate, they are generally, all filled with errors, erroneous characters, blank spaces, formatting issues, capitalization mistakes,  etc, etc.

It is not uncommon for many administrators who fail to achieve an effective degree of content control using open source platforms, combined with low cost solutions, such as free domain blacklists. Many times concluding their efforts in frustration at the lack of efficacy and are forced to turn to much more expensive content control solutions from large vendors. This is why we believe that the world is primed and ready for a higher quality value added blacklist solution, and intend’s to fill this gap.

This is why we founded, as a paid service, which allows us to allocate our resources to pursue and continue producing blacklists of a much higher quality, with a level of sophistication in our production and validation processes that is seriously lacking in other, competing solutions..

Regardless of whether it is paid or gratis, we intend to beat our competition, as we continue to uphold our reputation as The Worlds Leading Publisher of Blacklists Tailored Specifically for use with Content Filering platforms.

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3 Replies to “Free blacklists suck , and heres why.”

  1. Just switched to squidblacklist.

    urlblacklist cant even keep their website up! What kind of person allows their business to go down for over a month!!?

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