New DansGuardian Blacklist Update Script – by Brock M. Tice

DansguardianBrock M. Tice has generously taken the time to completely rewrite a new and superior update script for use with our blacklists and DansGuardian, and we have replaced the old script with this one, as there is essentially no use for the old one as this is far superior, and here it is.


It is also available for download compressed here.


#! /bin/bash
# DansGuardian Blacklist Updater Script v0.2 -
# Thoughts or suggestions can be emailed to
# 0.1->0.2 parameterization by Brock M. Tice
# Use this script to download and update blacklists for squid3 proxy
# You may need to edit this for your specific environment.
# you may optionaly wish to crontab this job so it will update at regular intervals
# Place this script within /etc/dansguardian/ directory
# Next, chmod +x .That will make the script executable.
# nano /etc/crontab and add the following line
# 01 0 * * * root /etc/dansguardian/
# Available ACLs:
# all
# prime
# malicious
# usg
# piracy
# porn
# dating
# ads
# proxies
# gaming
# smedia
# gambling
# cp
# blasphemy
# file
# image
# video
# pharma-rx
# new-tlds
# chanology
# dyn
# freeweb
# racism

# This is the base url for the lists -- do not edit

# Place the names of the sub-lists you want here, syntax enabled=( list1 list2 list3 ... listN )
enabled=( prime malicious piracy porn dating ads proxies gaming gambling cp pharma-rx chanology racism )

# username

# enable dansguardian blacklist include line output

echo Beginning Dansguardian Blacklist Update procedure... ;
cd /etc/dansguardian/ ;
echo Downloading blacklists...

# This loop uses the "enabled" list and the BASEURL to download, decompress, and move the list to the proper place for each specified list
# echos are temporary for testing
for listname in ${enabled[@]}; do
wget --http-user="${USERNAME}" --http-password="${PASSWORD}" --auth-no-challenge "${BASEURL}${BASENAME}.tar.gz"
tar -xvf "${BASENAME}.tar.gz"
if [ ! -d "${LISTBASE}${listname}" ] && [ ! -f "${LISTBASE}${listname}" ]; then
mkdir -p "${LISTBASE}${listname}"
elif [ -f "${LISTBASE}${listname}" ]; then
printf "WARNING: Skipping list %s, %s already exists but is not a directory\n" "${listname}" "${LISTBASE}${listname}" >&2
mv "${BASENAME}.acl" "${LISTBASE}${listname}/domains"

# update include file
echo ".Include<${LISTBASE}${listname}/domains>" >> "${DGINCLUDEFILE}"

rm "${BASENAME}.tar.gz"

echo "Reloading Dansguardian Service... "
service dansguardian restart
echo "Done."

echo "If you have not already, add .Include<${DGINCLUDEFILE}> to your /etc/dansguardian/lists/bannedsitelist>"

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3 Replies to “New DansGuardian Blacklist Update Script – by Brock M. Tice”

  1. Hello, this script could use a couple of updates.

    One – the name of the script seems to be, but in the script the cron example uses as the name.

    Two – the prime list was just discontinued, so mentions of it should be removed.


    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I had just updated both of the and files, and apparently I had completely overlooked the dg update scripts, I this morning however, have corrected the issues that you mentioned.

      Thank you.

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