Worlds largest porn blacklist – adult blacklist.


Our adult blacklist has grown significantly over the last couple of years, the db now contains well over 1.3xx,xxx adult domains. As you may know, our objective is to identify every single porn domain in existence, aggressively and by any means necessary.

Our list of pornography domains is  extensive,  and it is growing with every update. It is the largest list of pornography domains available. When combined with a web filtering solution, we are confident that our porn blacklist is the strongest, most effective list for blocking porn at this price point. We have tested the options, we can confidently conclude that none of our competitors come close to matching what we have done with our porn blacklist.

If you are looking for the best adult blacklist you can possibly find, well you just found it. Be aware that approx 750,000+ of these porn domains do not resolve, and therefore put into a temporary delay pool for re query. The actual production porn blacklist you will download is approx 600k live domains. We will give you a diff file with the dead domains upon request.

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