Updating Blacklists For RouterOS From Squidblacklist.org

Content filtering using domain name blacklists on Mikrotik RouterOS devices.

Its incredibly easy to automatically download or update your blacklists from Squidblacklist.org directly onto your RouterOS devices, so here is the most straightforward way with winbox and the system scheduler.

To update your blacklists we can use the following examples to fetch tik-ads.rsc:

Use this example to download one of our free blacklists

/tool fetch address=www.squidblacklist.org host=www.squidblacklist.org mode=http src-path=/downloads/tik-dns-ads.rsc ; import tik-dns-ads.rsc

Use this example to download one of our paid blacklists.

/tool fetch address=www.squidblacklist.org host=www.squidblacklist.org mode=http src-path=/downloads/squidblacklists/tik/dns/tik-dns-ads.rsc user=some-username password=some-password

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Mikrotik RouterOS Blacklist Validation Testing & Compatibility Chart Update Posted.
Mikrotik RouterOS Blacklists

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