Case Study – Web Filtering & Blacklist Quality Put To The Test.

Web filtering is an important consideration for any enterprise – it is one of the best-known and most efficient front line defenses against hacker attacks and malicious software. One of customers was using a solution from another vendor which had reached end of life and needed to be replaced.

The system had not been performing to the customer’s satisfaction – it had proven difficult to manage, was not cost-effective, and its limited reporting capacity required an additional application to fill in the gaps in its functionality.

The client carried out an independent evaluation and selected two blacklist providers for deployment on separate Internet links to test the varying degrees of effective filtering. Filtering policies were created based on group membership rather than individual user rules as in the previous installation, and were integrated into Active Directory.This allowed existing support staff to grant Internet access by moving users into relevant Active Directory groups rather than modifying the proxy server configuration.

Improved Web Filtering Performance

Not only did the new Blacklists from enhance the effective application of these appliances and the performance of web filtering for the customer, they also identified a number of websites which had been previously been mistakenly blocked or likewise, websites that should have been block, not blocked at all. The client was thus able to advise the relevant organizations – which included their customers and partner organizations – that their web filtering solutions had been compromised by poor quality blacklists from websites like shalla “secure services” and urlblacklist. These issues were then easily resolved by converting to blacklists by

The enhanced blacklists also introduced Weaknetlabs Technology which combines the best of conventional tools with new intelligent identification algorithms. ADR automatically tracks and adds or removes different domains. More effectively producing higher class of blacklists, than first generation blacklists from other providers. It also removes the inherent weaknesses in using human-only classification to give you the most up-to-date URL blocking and control.

The customer has since found that this new setup meets their requirements to an infinitely higher degree than their previous setup.

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