Competitor website down for over a week. is down not loading

Well we hate to kick sand in the face of a competitor when they are down, ( actually no, we love it ) but seriously, we have been receiving reports that they have been down for over a week now, and lets be honest, downtime is a sin, and an unforgivable one. Being a provider of critical web filtering services requires a high degree of commitment and entails a responsibility to those whom depend on you to continuously produce quality updates in a timely basis with nearly 100 percent uptime and adequate bandwidth to ensure that you provide your clients, subscribers, and members systems and applications with the level of reliability that is not only expected, but required in 2016 for such a service provider.

The good news is that we do know how to keep our website up and running, and now have available all of our blacklists compressed into a single archive, with identical directory structure for users of urlblacklist to switch to seemlessly. is bringing to market an evolved blacklist generation method, enhanced filters and automated domain removal and addition tools, enforced whitewashing and more, multiple updates daily with bleeding edge malicious updates from multiple sources and partners, we are here to raise the standard and serve you with a higher class of blacklist, and of course, we know how to keep a webserver running.

Sign up today and find out why Fortune 500 Companies, US DoD, Governments, Universities, and Municipalities worldwide are all using blacklists from to enhance a wide range of web filtering applications and platforms.

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3 Replies to “Competitor website down for over a week.”

  1. I just rec’d a credit and a subscription cancellation notice from

    Guess I’m signing up with squidblacklist…

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