Blacklist Processing – Automated Domain Addition & Removal – A.D.A.R. System – Delay Pool Recheck Function

A little peek at some of whats going on behind the scenes.

One of the things that we do when we process the data that we publish, is to add domains, but also to remove unwanted, or delisted domains that match a certain criteria. But its never a good idea to simply delete the data, instead, we place these removed domains into the delay pools, domains that are flagged as no longer resolving, or being redirected to place holders, which is common with domains that are parked or suspended. Once this data is added to a delay pool, the data is then rechecked again and again, if the domains ever come back online, they get added back to the blacklists again before being white washed through filters again later during our daily update processes.

At, we are working to bring you a higher class of blacklist through logic and innovation.

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One Reply to “Blacklist Processing – Automated Domain Addition & Removal – A.D.A.R. System – Delay Pool Recheck Function”

  1. We used to use a combination of shalla and urlblacklist, but we had to find a better blacklist provider as they really dont seem to be moving forward with anything new in terms of development. And as a result, they have some of the worst blacklists on the web, After switching to we really have no need to ever use those other lists again.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Nichols!

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