Updates and Changes to Mikrotik RouterOS Blacklists

There have been some changes in the latest version of Mikrotik RouterOS, which meant we really had no choice but to make some minor changes, otherwise the old format simply would fail to work when you tried to load them into a current version of Mikrotik RouterOS ( version v6.37 or newer ).

It seems Mikrotik decided, for whatever reason, to change the way static dns entries are handled.

RouterOS DNS Static Entry Change - Side by Side Comparison

RouterOS DNS Static Entry Change – Side by Side Comparison

As you can see in the image above , the changes were significant enough to force us to make the changes, if you are havin any issues loading our blacklists then you should update to the latest version of RouterOS as soon as possible.

We also decided that it would be best to add a single line to the headers included in each blacklist, to remove old entries befoe loading the new ones. Of course any knowledgeable admin would know to do this, but we felt is was something that should already be included in the blacklists for your convenience.


Mikrotik DNS Ads Blacklist

Mikrotik DNS Ads Blacklist

I hope this will help to clarify for those of you who are scratching your heads about the sudden changes.

Thank you for your support.


Benjamin E. Nichols

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