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Competition is great, it drives innovation and gives companies the incentive to improve and the drive needed to continue to improve services and products. And in the spirit of competition sometimes a little dirt gets slung. But it isn’t only serving our personal interests to outline the failures of one of our competitors today. In this case, I believe that it is in fact doing the public a service. And by this I mean spreading awareness, to warn unsuspecting customers of what they are spending their money on, and of course, to convince you. with a little sound reasoning, to purchase our services instead of the competition.

There aren’t many suppliers of domain blacklist data for web filtering platforms and applications, this is one of the primary motivating reasons why we created in 2012. We knew it could be done better. There are however a small handful of other providers remaining. One of these websites is, and it is them whom we have chosen to single out for scrutiny in this blog post.

In summary, is a horrible service provider. One whos website was recently down for over 3 months in the 2016 calendar year. As a provider of services to paying clients, this is simply a disgrace. We have been monitoring, watched multiple outages, and we know that their domain name changed hands recently, something they did not announce on their website, so we will do it for them, here.

The website was down for nearly an entire month in October 2016. Then, a second outage occured that lasted nearly 2 months, beginning on or around Nov 10, lasting through until Dec 30, 2016. Further scrutiny reveals that in Nov of 2016, the owner of irresponsibly allowed his domain name to expire, which resulted in another 2 month long outage, in which another company took the opportunity to purchase the domain name, which is now registered under an entity named “Dr Guardian” who one can only assume has taken ownership and reopened the website, and is actively processing payments by unsuspecting customers.

They also do not make any mention of ownership changing hands anywhere on their website, a courtesy any respectable business would extend to its existing clients and the general public. Instead of even acknowledging the domain name ownership change. they choose to deceptively place blame for the outage on a billing issue with their registrar.

And I doubt if anybody knows who is really even operating the website. The owner has never responded to emails, doesn’t seem too care if his website goes down until months later, and I suggest that you should seriously consider switching to if you are a current subscriber.

A brief visit to shows that the owner would like you to believe the second extended outage of 2016 was brief, a deception which is evident in a recent “news” message claiming that “over Christmas vacation” there was an outage, I guess Christmas vacation begins around Nov 10 and ends December 30th.

One can safely assume by looking at the ancient and truly aweful web design of and then research its track record of unreliability, and make some general conclusions about its owner and or operators which are to say, generally not favorable at all. And this lack of integrity can also be found in the quality of their blacklists, or lack thereof, which is of course, what really matters. is an aging website. I would encourage you to use their lists, and monitor the daily changes, you will know first hand that nearly 60% of the domains in their blacklists do not even resolve, a good indicator that there is very poor technology behind the update processes going on behind the scenes. It becomes clear rather quickly that they are pushing old, recycled domain data by systematically removing a set number of domains and re-adding them back using some crude scripts or something, rotating this data in and out in a way which gives the customer the illusion that updates are taking place.

With manual additions and removals being performed occasionally presumably by human hands. Beyond this however, there is obviously zero innovation taking place at Which is evidently ran by an incompetent individual who is doing the world a disservice by continuing to accept payments for what is, in our opinion, hardly passable even as a purely free service.

Shalla and any other websites referring people to this website are also guilty of doing the general public a disservice by linking to because clearly anybody who has actually observed or used the lists from these people should come to the same conclusions that we have, and that is is an unreliable provider of services that needs to go away.

Blacklists Compared

Here we have analyzed the porn blacklists produced by both of these entities and determined the exact number of dead domains in both blacklists and concluded that the maintainers of these lists are either incompetent or ambivalent. You can download the lists of dead domains and compare them to their own blacklists to see for yourself that we are not bluffing. and

Also make note that shady clones of are also in existence, these domains are registered by totally different owners. is one of them.

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