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We have good news, the soon to be released and much anticipated new version of the popular pfSense package ‘pfBlocker’ will have full backend and FULL GUI support for blacklists from We encourage those who are interested to support the project by visiting


Blocking Roku video ads with a dns blacklist.

Recently I sat down to test a Roku streaming media device with the ads blacklist that we produce. We tested 24 different “channels” with a filtered dns server loaded with our ads blacklist, and then we tested the playback on these channels without filtering. Much...


Shallalist & Urlblacklist EXPOSED – poorly maintained data.

I wouldnt be kicking sand in these guys faces of they had responded to my initial attempts to contact them many years ago, disregarding my emails as if my input wasnt important really got under my skin. A blatant disregard for the community as a...


New Blacklist Released – Blogspot-x: Adult Domains

Recently we discovered that all blogspot domains will resolve through at least 64 blogspot assigned tlds, and discovery of these continues. In response to this development it became clear that we had to choose between simply appending 64 tld’s to approximately 20,000 blogspot domains which...