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Benjamin E. Nichols

Benjamin E. Nichols

Founded in 2012 Squidblacklist.org is a subscription based service provider. We serve intelligent network administrators the highest quality domain blacklists available for effective, targeted inline web filtering with content filtering applications and platforms.

The data we publish is available in several formats ensuring compatibility with multiple other web filter platforms, including the most widely used content control applications, and third party plugins for Squid Proxy & various other platforms. There is a demand for a better blacklist. And with few viable alternatives available, we intend to fill that gap.

Leading the way.

We are the worlds leading publisher of blacklists tailored specifically for use as Squid Proxy Native ACL Blacklists. We also publish our works in several alternative formats for compatibility with multiple other web filter platforms. The blacklist database that we use to generate the blacklists that we offer is compiled from various sources including some of the top security researchers and threat mitigation organizations worldwide. The aggregate of this data is combined, parsed for dupes and errors, erroneous entries are corrected and the unnecessary sub domains are strategically removed for maximum effect, then the domain blacklist data is then formatted specifically for content filtering purposes, for use with Squid proxy, and various other formats for many content filter applications and platforms. We strive daily for a higher degree of quality in our works. Our domain blacklists are unlike anything found elsewhere. It is this passion for quality that sets us apart from the competition.

A New Class of ACL

There is no shortage of snake oil marketeers peddling garbage blacklists, but are you willing stake your reputation on poor quality blacklists? Our works are tailored specifically for use with Squid proxy and our blacklist database derived from the best sources. We are constantly improving our processes and testing our own works in production before publishing, so that we are more aware and vigilant of errors and false entries inside our blacklist database. Hand made and human scrutinized, we offer our members multiple formats to ensure support for most major web filtering solutions including, Squid Proxy Native ACL, DansGuardian, SquidGuard, Mikrotik Web Proxy and many more. We invite you to join the growing number of administrators who put the power of the worlds best blacklists for Squid proxy into production. We only ask that you respect the Creative Commons License.

These lists are used by hundreds of companies, large and small. Many private, home operators have also chosen Squidblacklist.org. We also use these lists in our own web filtering systems, on our networks to protect and defend our own business and family. We take a lot of pride in the quality our works. They are highly competitive with other options. After you have used our blacklists, we are confident that you will agree. Our blacklists are updated almost every day, usually every other day. Of note, Malicious urls, we get our updates from multiple commercial databases as well as from independent security researchers, for an additional layer of inline protection against both emerging and existing threats. Such as, phishing attacks, malware infections, ads, botnets, APT, spyware, scumware and more.

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cropped-apple-touch-icon.pngWe invite you to subscribe today and try our blacklists. You are welcome to try the service out for $9.95 , terminate your account at any time, there is no long term contract or any sneaky fees here. However if you are satisfied with our publications and would like to consider a longer term engagement with us, consider 3 Year membership plan.

If you like what we are doing here and want to support our efforts, please consider subscribing to download all of our blacklists.

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